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AT12 4G GPS Tracker

AT12 4G GPS Tracker

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IP67 Water Rated 4G LTE GPS Devices suitable for assets such as plant machinery, shipping containers, etc. Features include an impressive 5-8 year battery life and tamper alarms. Easily installed using screws or magnet mounting bracket.

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Accurate GPS Tracking

This GPS tracker uploads data every on a pre-set interval to preserve a long battery life.

Lifetime History

We never delete your data while you are a customer, so your trip history can be retrieved at any time.

Instant Alerts

Get alerts from your GPS tracker for events such as speeding, or entering/exiting geofences.

Web & Mobile App

Gain access to your GPS tracker information both on your computer and also on your mobile phone.

Rugged Waterproof Enclosure

Commercial grade build quality means this device can withstand harsh environments.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate customised reports on the activities of your vehicle and have them emailed you to automatically.

Software & Data Plans

Please note: GPS tracking devices require a subscription, which includes a global sim card, data plan, and software/app licence. Prices start at just $10/month, and because we dont lock you into a contract, you can move up or down as your requirements change.

  • Starter Plan ($10/mo.)

    Get started with the basics of live GPS tracking. Suitable for customers who just need simple, ret reliable track and trace features.

    ✔ 60 second tracking intervals

    ✔ Lifetime Trip History

    ✔ Unlimited Users

    ✔ Desktop Web App

    ✔ Mobile App

  • Essentials Plan ($15/mo.)

    GPS tracking essentials, gives you all the features in the starter plan, plus comprehensive reporting, alerts, and geofences.

    ✔ Everything in Starter

    ✔ Live turn by turn tracking

    ✔ Comprehensive Reporting

    ✔ Unlimited Geofences

    ✔ Unlimited Email Notifications

    ✔ Daily vehicle health check

    ✔ Max Speed Alerts

    ✔ Stolen vehicle assistance

  • Plus Plan ($22/mo.)

    This plan includes all the features to maximise your fleets efficiency, from vehicle maintenance, driver behaviour, vehicle inspection reports, and much more

    ✔ Everything in Essentials

    ✔ SMS Alerts

    ✔ Driver Management

    ✔ Vehicle Inspections

    ✔ Fuel Card Verification

    ✔ Sign Posted Speed Alerts

    ✔ Vehicle Maintenance

    ✔ Fleet Expense Tracking

    ✔ Driver Behaviour Scorecards

    ✔ Comprehensive Reporting

    ✔ Automatic Logbooks

    ✔ Customer ETA Notifications