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DC2 4G Live Streaming Dash Cam

DC2 4G Live Streaming Dash Cam

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High definition dashcam with 1080p video quality for both front facing and driver facing cameras, with proprietary memory cards to minimise data corruption and up to 128gb of storage. if you are looking for a low cost, yet reliable device, this is it. All in one camera system with 1 camera facing the road, and the other facing the driver.

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  • The latest evolution in vehicle dash cameras is here, with the Linxio DC range of products, connect your fleet to the cloud in ways you never thought possible.

    We offer a wide range of car dash cams, including 4G/WIFi dashcam, integrated/external cameras and front/rear camera and our world-class DC2AI with driver fatigue alerts.

    ✔ Live Streaming

    ✔ Cloud Storage

    ✔ In-Cab Alerts

    ✔ 3 Years Warranty

Software & Data Plan

Please note: These 4G live streaming dashcams require a subscription, which includes a sim card, 5GB data plan, and software/app licence. Monthly subscription to this service is $30/month